Sky Inspection Track – Lifting Gear Inspection Software

Sky Inspection Track is a  lifting gear inspection software that has all the pre-defined controls for inspection managed through a Mobile Application and Web Portal. All the data (e.g from lifting gear inspection) collected on the mobile devices is stored locally and it automatically syncs to the server through web APIs over THE internet. On the device App dashboard, it’s shows the status of the synced data.

lifting gear inspection software

With the real-time synchronization facility, the data is available in the back office for Proofreading/Technical or QA/QHSE check and then the CERTIFICATES/REGISTERS/REPORTS are ready to issue for clients. Clients Can access these through a web browsers. Clients also got the facility to give access to users their reports with different access levels. Clients can CLOSE OUT CORRECTIVE ACTIONS on the portal and can ADD NEW ITEMS to their inventory register.

Sky Inspections Track – Lifitng Gear Inspection Software Features

  • Asset Management & Inspection report
  • Real-time inspection (Data synchronization)
  • Certificates, Registers & Reports
  • Corrective actions registers
  • Easy Inspection process
  • Proofreading/Technical/QA-QHSE checks
  • Exportable reports for clients
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible module for future changes. 
  • RFID Enabled Solution
  • Inspection Checklist and the predefined set of data for inspectors. 


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