Free Drops Track Software


“As per current market situation globally Sky Soft Connections is happy to announce Free DropsTrack software for 2022. Our DropsTrack software is based on best industry DROPS practices. DropsTrack is tablet and cloud based application.Inspectors use tablets to complete the easy inspection process and the system have the ability to store the data locally. Once there is any Internet connection the system start syncing data to the cloud, where the technical team start the proofreading and technical checks to provide online access to the clients on process completion.  Technical teams can set redefine set of inspection prompts for the inspectors so during inspection inspectors can choose “Pass” or “Fail” the inspection prompt to complete the inspection process, on selection of “Fail” option it’s allow inspectors to create corrective actions straight away to make the inspection process easy and consistence.”

Our applications are so sample we can easily Demonstrate and provide training. Please contact us for Demo/Training session our Technical team will schedule that for you. For details please visit the page below.
Feel free to let us know if you need inquiry for Lifting Gear Inspection, NDT Inspection, Cranes Inspections and Drill Pipe Inspection etc. Please check details from the site below.

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