Lifting Gear Inspection

Sky Lifting Gear Inspection software is designed for Lifting Gear inspection with all the pre-defined data sets for inspection. The software has prompts/checklists for the items, which can be managed through web control panel by Technical/QA team.

Lifitng Gear Inspection

SkySoft Connections provides one of the best lifitng gear inspection solution to equipment, no matter if it is a larger inspection scope package, or as an individual service.

Key Features

  • Asset Management & Inspection report
  • Real-time inspection (Data synchronization)
  • Certificates, Registers & Reports
  • Corrective actions registers
  • Easy Inspection process
  • Proofreading/Technical/QA-QHSE checks
  • Exportable reports for clients
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible module for future changes.
  • RFID Enabled Solution
  • Inspection Checklist and the predefined set of data for inspectors.

Online Reports

A client can view the reports online through a web portal with following features.

  • Easy Navigation to Certificates/Registers and other Reports.
  • Easy Search for items and historical trends
  • Assets and Corrective Actions graphical comparisons
  • A client can close out the corrective actions online
  • A client can add a new item into the asset management and can view separate registers
  • A client can print the reports into PDF with different criteria
  • A client can manage their user with different access levels

Why choose Us?

  • 10+ years of experience in relevant field
  • Team of certified professionals
  • 24/7 online support

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