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Drops Inspection Software is designed for Drops Inspection where Inspectors have an ability to select pre-defined data sets from the drop downs to carry on the inspection and If there is any inspection prompt FAIL they can create corrective actions straight away to make the inspection process consistent.

Drops Inspection Key Features

  • Asset Management & Inspection report
  • Real-time inspection (Data synchronization)
  • Certificates, Registers & Reports
  • Corrective actions registers
  • Easy Inspection process
  • Proofreading/Technical/QA-QHSE checks
  • Exportable reports for clients
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible module for future changes.
  • RFID Enabled Solution
  • Inspection Checklist and the predefined set of data for inspectors

Online Reports

A client can view the reports online through a web portal with the following features.

  • Easy Navigation to Certificates/Registers and other Reports.
  • Easy Search for items and historical trends
  • Assets and Corrective Actions graphical comparisons
  • A client can close out the corrective actions online
  • A client can add a new item into the asset management and can view separate registers
  • A client can print the reports into PDF with different criteria
  • A client can manage their user with different access levels

Why Choose Us?

  • 10+ years of experience in relevant field
  • Team of certified professionals
  • 24/7 online support

How Does Drops Inspection Software Work

Sky Drops Inspection software consists of Mobile Application and a Web Portal. All the data (e.g from lifting gear inspection) collected on the mobile devices is stored locally and is automatically synced to the server through web APIs over the internet. On the device App dashboard, it shows the status of the synced data.

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